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Pilates is about stretching and strengthening the body without stressing joints. Initally used for athletes and dancers Pilates is now available to everyone who wants to improve their fitness, posture and apperance. It is recognised by the medical profession as being important for health, flexibility and strength and is recommended for back problems and after orthopedic surgery.

Originally Joseph Pilates designed a programme of 34 exercises which if performed regularly give the body a complete work out. The trouble is not everyone can do all the exercises and few of us are disciplined enough to do them on our own.

Classes held by Pilates Limousin will help you learn which exercises are important for your body. You will be encouraged to perform them correctly. Over time you will strengthen your core muscles, feel the improvement in your flexibility and strength and move more easily. Classes are offered at beginner level. After one or two courses people can move into a class suitable to their ability or other need. While the introduction is gentle the “Classical Matwork” programme followed by the advanced classes is tough. Pilates is not an aerobic form of exercise, hence not stressful on the joints but the body works hard to move itself and gets warm.

Joseph Pilates said “In 10 weeks you will feel the difference. In 20 weeks you will see the difference and in 30 weeks everyone else will see the difference”

Pilates is an exercise regime that proves to be standing the test of time. It has been used and developed over the last 70 years.

Please contact Annie ANDERSON at annie@pilateslimousin.com or 09 72 55 24 80 for details.

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